Final Salary Pension Scheme Tranfers

Pension choices have become more flexible since 2015 when the Government gave everyone with a Final Salary Pension (sometimes called a 'Defined Benefit Pension') or 'Occupational Pension' the choice of transfering to something more flexible.

These 'Pension Freedoms' have enabled you the right to make choices about your pension and your retirement. You no longer need to stay in a Final Salary Pension if you find something more suitable for your needs.

Whilst a Defined Benefit Pension offers a guaranteed income for life in most cases, by transferring to a Personal Pension you could benefit from:


We run occasional workshops for members of these schemes (see below) to explain in detail what a transfer of their defined benefit pensions would entail. Please call us to find out if there is a workshop coming up for your scheme, or if there are a number of you who would like a workshop please call and we can arrange one.

Final Salary pension Schemes